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Luna Cultura, Art, Science and Culture for Thriving Communities, LLC is a bilingual and bi-cultural company that provides training, consulting and research services in the field of Art and Maker Education, to develop skills, leadership and healing, from an intergenerational approach of cultural identity and good living.

Our starting point is recognizing the creative ability of all people, for the collective knowledge to achieve socio-environmental justice.

We are a friendly and brave space to share and create meaningful learning experiences.

Landscape embroidery, By Luna Cultura

To strengthen thriving communities toward socio-environmental justice through Art, Science and Maker Education

Goals and values
Narratives of Hope, By Luna Cultura

To reduce the existing gap in Art, Science and Maker Ed, caused by gender, class, race, age or sexuality

Paths to equity, By. Luna Cultura

Praxis of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Emancipatory education. Sociology of Culture, Critique of Political Economy and Communication for Social Change with a Holistic approach.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclussion. Brave space
  • Art and Maker Ed classes and workshops
  • Community building and Collective learning
  • Skills and leadership
  • Trauma healing

People are unique not because they do science, and they are unique not because they do art, but because science and art equally are expressions of their marvelous plasticity of mind..

Jacob Bronowski.

Success. What do you like from the class?

The environment Adriana created of respect and inclusion. The opportunity to learn about different aspects of culture. The space for reflection and the space to share with other people.

Testimony of a participant of the program: Mindful Art, Identity, Welness and Social Justice.


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Luna Cultura, art, science and technology for thriving communities, it is a bilingual and bicultural company…

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 In this space we embrace BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+,neurodivergence, disability, and diversity in all of its forms. As Lilla Watson says “Our liberation is bound together”.

Luna Cultura, Art, Science and Culture for Thriving Communities